- We only offer bridesmaids diracs if you order your bridal dirac from us.

- We also offer standard 4x golden bridesmaids diracs sets with matching gorgorad (underskirt) with the choice of various colours garbarsaar (shawl) these are provided for ''last minute'' brides on subject to availability.

** last minute = less than 3 months **

- For customized bridesmaids order, please only enquire if you have minimum 3 months left until your wedding.

- You can choose the desired fabric and colours for your bridesmaids.

- We also offer not sewed / tailored bridesmaids diracs so you can tailor it in the style you prefer for your bridesmaids.

- If you don't have a professional tailor in your area, you can leave it to us to tailor it for you in only traditional Dirac style with or without inside belt.

- The inside belt is to accentuate the waist. If you would like that to be tailored for your bridesmaids. Please include that in your enquiry.

- Our minimum order for bridesmaids diracs is 4 sets up to 12 sets.

Please enquire only via email
or WhatsApp us via +44 7543 385660